No News– Morale Down In Afghanistan

Latest surveys by the United States army of soldiers serving in Afghanistan report a continued drop in morale. This is not surprising given we are entering the eighth year of a war that supposedly was won back in 2001. Due to blundering on the part of the Bush administration, the fight to clear Afghanistan of the Taliban was ended in order to engage in the ill advised invasion of Iraq. Army surveys reveal those on their third or fourth deployment have lower morale than those on an initial or second deployment. It appears the morale of individual soldiers is about the same as in last year, but “unit morale rates were significantly lower than in 2007.” Other findings were that junior enlisted soldies reported more mental problems than noncommissioned officers. Combat units reported significantly lower unit morale than reported in 2007.

One could go on and on reporting the obvious. No rationale human can be deployed five or six times to the same locale and engage in combat without questioning the sanity of the entire process.

Oh, the surveys reported greater need for mental health personnel.