No, NO, NO Abortion!!

The good folk of Kansas are convinced that God told them to oppose providing any information to young people as to how those little babies come about. Of course, if teen boys and girls  understand that storks bring babies they will avoid any contact with storks and keep on humping one another. A new Kansas law makes illegal allowing Planned Parenthood from distributing information about babies and birth control to children in school. The goal in Kansas is to create a “pro-life state.” I assume if Kansas wants to be a pro-life state then:

1. Medical care will be free to all.

2.  The minimum wage will be $20 an hour to ensure all have access to good food and shelter.

3. Free pre-school will be available to all young children.

4. Elderly people will be guaranteed an income of at least $3,000 a month.

Long live the pro-life state of Kansas!!