No Noel For Iraq Christians

George Bush used to boast he was a born-again Christian who found new hope in following the ideas of Jesus Christ. The Christians of Iraq have lived in that area as devout Christians for nearly two thousand years. Unfortunately for them, an American in Texas found Christ and set in motion a war that has resulted in the emergence of a powerful Muslim movement in Iraq to drive out all Christians. In other words, George Bush and his buddies Cheney and Rumsfeld are the godfathers of anti-Christianity in the Middle East. Today in Iraq, cathedrals which had been active for thousands of years now remain quiet and empty. Muslim fanatics killed sixty Christians in October at a Chaldean Catholic Church which was simply one of many such attacks on Christians. Ironically, under Saddan Hussein, Christians enjoyed the protection of a government that would now allow any vigilantes–other than those sponsored by the government–to attack innocent people. At this holy time of the year, in Baghdad as well as in other Iraq cities, Christmas services have been cancelled due to threats from Muslim fanatics. Abdullah al-Noufali, an important Christian leader said: “now more than 80% of Christians are not going to the churches.”

At least half of the 800,000 Christians in Iraq under Saddam Hussein have left the country due to fear of Muslim terrorists. The exodus for remaining Christians has accelerated during the past few weeks. A few thousand Iraq Christians recently accepted an offer from Kurdish officials to relocate to that area. There is something ironic about George Bush and his Christian buddies being the ones responsible for forcing Christianity from the Middle East.