No NRA In Israel

Wayne LaPierre, like most members of the National Rifle Association, lack any sense of either American or world history.  They do not know the 2nd Amendment had nothing to do with individuals and arms, but with a Militia and arms. Now, the number one idiot claims that Israel has armed guards in schools to protect against violent individuals. “Israel has a  whole  lot of school shootings until they’d id one thing. They said they were going to stop it and they put security guards in every school and they have not had a school shooting.” Wrong! The only school shootings in Israel history came from terrorists, not individuals.

As an Israel spokesperson noted, “Israeli citizens are not allowed to carry guns unless they serve in the army or work in a security related job.” Security guards in schools came from concern about terrorist attacks, not a lone person who had mental issues.  All weapon owners in Israel have a license.