No One Agrees How To Leave Afghanistan

The Taliban issued an announcement of their goal to force US/NATO forces to depart from Afghanistan prior to 2014. NATO nations formally agreed their military forces would turn over operation of the war to Afghan troops and then get the hell out of the place. As NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen put it: “I don’t forsee ISAF troops in a combat role beyond 2014, provided, of course, that the security situation allows us to move into a more supportive role.” A few days ago, Ivo Daalder, US Ambassador to NATO said the 2014 goal and the end of NATO’s comb at role in Afghanistan are “not one and the same.” General Petraeus has made clear his opposition to ending US combat operations in Afghanistan in 2014 and sees the need for continued working operations with Afghan forces. As all these statements are being made, President Karzai of Afghanistan has been making clear that he does not agree with a more aggressive military operation. On one hand, he has hinted of pleasure if Western forces leave, ont he other hand, he is scared shitless if they do.

We urge President Obama to declare the war in Afghanistan has been won and it is time for all of us to get the heck out of that nation. If not, we will be there in 2030.