“No One Pushes HIM Around!!”

Recep Tayyip Erdogan is a very important man and anyone who desires to enjoy a free life in Turkey should heed his words of wisdom. The Man is getting tired of people in the streets of HIS country going around insisting they have rights as to wha happens in His city. Recep thinks it is time to quit fooling around and get serious about law and order. “From now on, our police will not overlook any lawlessness.” He wants those protesting to know the time to be open to new ideas is over and they will obey his every wish and demand. As far as he is concerned, use of tear gas is the “inherent right” of the police.

Recep understands that a “foriegn conspiracy” exists and he will not allow a group of Zionid foreigners to tell decent Muslim folk what to think or believe. The prime minister also made clear to opposition political members that he keeps track of anyone who dares to dispute his words. They now are on the shit list and some may wind up in jail