I awoke today with the mistaken belief that we were honoring the memory and work of some guy known as Martin Luther King. I gather he did something a half century ago that dealt with human rights, and for some strange reason when he went to court or walked the streets of America he actually wore pants. And, believe it or not, this dude also wore a tie and dressed up in a suit. Little did he know that January 20th was an important holiday, and it had nothing to do with the rights of black people or the rights of those unemployed. It was “NO PANTS SUBWAY RIDE” day in countries throughout the world. It was a day to honor those who took off their pants on the way to work and walked onto a subway with shorts displayed for all to see. No trousers or tights or skirts were allowed on No Pants Day.

This was among the first International Prank Collective events. A time for silliness to be the agenda of the day. But, it was more than silliness, it was a time for people on planet Earth to join together and display the bottom part of their bodies so all could gaze at whatever was being displayed. I trust men were standing up with a firm look on their body and proud to display to women all they possessed that was fit to see.

Yes, we have come a long way from getting heads bashed in order to ensure rights for black Americans to freeing our pricks to be displayed without going to jail!