No Pardon For Billy The Kid

Back in 1881, famous gun man Billy the Kid made a deal with Governor Lew Wallace of Arizona for a pardon in exchange for testifying in a murder trial. For some reason, Governor Wallace reneged on the deal and a few months later Billy met his doom in an encounter with Sheriff Pat Garrett. Such is the legend of Billy the Kid, born William H. Bonney in the wild west area known as Brooklyn, New York. Governor Richardson was asked to grant a pardon, but the man who went to North Korea and pardoned their behavior, did not believe there was an explanation as to why Wallace backed out on the deal. Alas, for those of us who love stories about the old Wild West and bask in the glory of men who were ruthless killers, but due to movies have been transformed into folk heroes.

Of course, living in modern America, those who caused the death of thousands of young members of the armed forces enjoy wealth from speaking tours or selling the false story of their lives. George Bush is chopping wood in Texas and Dick Cheney is ranting about more death and destruction. I guess we will have to allow God to decide if they receive a pardon for their killings.