No Pot To Piss In For Californians

The people of California were given an opportunity to make use of marijuana legal in their state but strong opposition from those over 50 resulted in a defeat of Proposition 19 by 54% to 46%. The bad news is defeat of legalized pot smoking, the good news is that nearly half the state population was ready to make this historic change. The use of drugs in the United States did not become a crime until 1914 which meant our ancestors got stoned to their heart’s content. On the bright side, California does have a law which makes use of an ounce of marijuana punishable by a $100 fine without having a record of engaging in a crime. Perhaps, the existence of this law made it more difficult to move on to the next logical step of allowing use of marijuana not just for medical purposes but for enjoyment. Reality is that alcohol use leads to a hundred more times of death, but the old folk just are not into getting stoned.

There are currently 13 states which allow use of marijuana for medical purposes. California’s vote is merely the opening shot in what eventually will become a law. America is the greatest criminal nation in the world because it refuses to decriminalize use of drugs. The result of our stupidity is the presence of drug lords and violence throughout Latin America.

By the way these words are written by an old 80 year old fart who has never once tried drugs.