No Re-Run For Putin

Vladmir Putin is a man of iron will. He spends the days of his life exercising a body in order to ensure it can handle any demands placed on it. During the past few weeks hundreds of thousands in his nation have marched through the streets protesting an election that was characterized by ballot stuffing to the extreme. Thousands shouted protests specifically directed at his policy of controlling elections and preventing opposition candidates from having equal access to the media in order to express views that do not jibe with his own.

Putin told the country he was not particularly impressed by those who contradict his ideas on reality. “The problem is they lack a consolidated program  as well as clear and comprehensible ways of achieving their goals, which aren’t clear either.”  So, he refused to proceed with a new and fair election.

I thought it was rather clear what Russians were saying. PUTIN MUST GO! How much clearer can anyone be?