No Riots In Saudi Arabia

Riots are sweeping through many Arab nations, but we are pleased to report there are no riots in Saudi Arabia. Heck, when members of the armed forces learned their beloved king was returning home after a hospital stay in America, dozens volunteered their blood. We walked through the streets of the capital city and all we could see were covered up females whose eyes did not meet mine, men with beards checking the length of dresses, and no women driving a car. Think about it, no women driving cars means fewer car accidents. No women driving cars means no back seat grumbling which translates into safer driving and fewer accidents.

This is a truly a democratic nation. Any prince can grow up to become the king or at least get a high salaried position in a government corporation. This is truly democracy in action. Every married man knows when he gets home there will be a dinner prepared by his wife–of course if you have four wives it is a guarantee that at least one will cook the meal. And, think of schools which are all boy or all girl and no fooling around during recess. Better grades, fewer pregnant girls, and a happier school.

There are no demonstrations in Saudi Arabia because people know a benevolent ruler is a wise ruler. OK, so sometimes he wields the ruler, but you deserved the slap on the hand. Remember, the king is the hand that feeds you.

  • Lebanese

    I’ve really laughed when reading this article.
    It makes perfect sense. Maybe this is really the way the king sees it!! :)
    No really, i doubt that there will be any uprisings in KSA. They are too conservative, plus the regime has all the possible demostrators (who even dare to dream about a demonstration) peeing in their pants before communicating their plans. Internet, Mobile phones, land lines, everything is monitored. You might even get an electric shock when watering your plants there because of the microphones plantes in your garden!! This is the way the regime holds the country and the people there.