No Romeo And Juliet On The West Bank!

At a time when forces of hate dominate the political dialogue in Israel a group of members of the theater issued a defiant cry for freedom and social justice. Five leading Israel theaters faced cries of betraying human rights when they agreed to offer plays in the West Bank. Their decision was challenged a pledge from 60 of the nation’s most prominent actors, producers, writers and directors, who moved to boycott the presentation of any theatrical works in the West Bank. Theater companies had agreed to present plays in a new cultural center in the West Bank. Many members of the theater community expressed their “dismay” at the decision. They expressed sadness at the lethargy of so much of the Israel population which has gone along with the hooligans now so prominent in the Israel government and their attempts to stifle human rights. Joshua Sobol, whose Holocaust play, won many awards, told the liberal newspaper, Haaretz, he hoped the petition would shake up Israel’s political community. “People somehow became indifferent to the many existential issues, and this may revive debate.”

Naturally, Prime Minister Netanyahu, blamed the petition on “elements” from abroad who endeavored to damage Israel. He also warned that while, “I don’t want to revoke every artist’s right o a political opinion, but we as a government should not fund boycott’s against Israel’s citizens.” Any time Netanyahu leaves the government he is certain to get a job at Fox News.