No Room At Inn For Jesus?

Peter and Hazelmary Bull are devout Christians or at least Christians with specific points of view. They run a Bed and Breakfast establishment which is open to the public. One day two strangers showed up at their Inn, no, the strangers were not Jesus and his parents, but two gay men. Martyn Hall and Steven Preddy wanted to spend the night at the Chymovah Hotel in the same room! Wow! Imagine two men in the same room sharing a bed! The Bull family made clear they were Christians and thus did not allow two men to share the same room if they were going to sleep.

The Bull family was sued and paid a fine. They have gone to higher courts still clinging to their “religious beliefs.” In an effort to avoid their hotel being contaminated with “gay people” it has been transformed into a not-for-profit establishment.

The Bull pair insist they are Christian. As I recall, we celebrate at Christmas time when the Jesus family finally got a room in the stable.