No Secrets In The Secret Service

There are secrets and there are secrets in the US Secret Service, and the real issue is when do secrets remain secrets and when do they become open knowledge. A new report describes members of the Secret Service as guilty of–prostitution, leaking information,  pornography, sexual assault, illegal wiretapping, drunken behavior and improper use of weapons. OK, so they did these things, but as of this date none of them began a war.

Compare this list of behavior with that of Bush/Cheney?Rumsfeld, who lied, sent  men and women into battle without proper equipment, allowed torture of prisoners, allowed al-Qaeda and other  groups to get weapons, and failed to provide sufficient soldiers for the task at hand. Yes, a member of the Secret Service was guilty of sexual assault. So, his punishment was “administrative disposition.” At least something was done, what he heck was done about the crimes of Bush/Cheney?Rumsfeld??