No Sex Education In Schools Says ED Minister

Schools in Indonesia for years have been offering sex education in efforts to make students aware of implications of free wheeling sex and to prevent spread of HIV. However, Education Minister Muhammad Nuh does not believe such education serves any sensible purpose and may even be dangerous. “I am perhaps an obsolete person. I do not see the significance of sex education in schools.” He notes students can continue receiving information about sex via the Internet and pornography materials are readily available. He prefers if teachers constantly check school bags for porno material and check student cell phones. His suggestions make as much sense as his comments concerning sex education in schools. If students ARE receiving information about sex via the Internet or through pornography films, doesn’t that make it even more necessary to educate them in school about sexual issues?

Pardon me, I am an obsolete man of 79 who no longer has to worry about sex. I assume my situation is close to that of Mr. Nuh.