No Sex For Unmarried?

Up to this point in time, sex between unmarried folk in Afghanistan has been illegal, according to Army regulations. A single person could not even enter the room of an unmarried single person and they certainly could not pull down the shades. However, new regulations will allow sex between unmarried people who are working or fighting in Afghanistan. Army officials have warned that sex in combat zones: “can have an adverse impact on unit cohesion, morale, good order, and discipline.” However, under new regulations, two unmarried people can be in a room together if it is OK with the other folks in the building. They can engage in sex, but, those of the same sex are not allowed.

My concern is whether masturbation is illegal. I always thought those engaging in masturbation were giving pleasure to the body, and I just can’t understand how a man or woman servicing themselves somehow is disrupting the lives of others in the unit. Or, do we have masturbation police who wander dormitories and check on hands?