The Republican party has shifted from holding the American people hostage to holding senior citizens hostage. They demand cuts in Social Security benefits in return for raising the debt. Republicans claim the Social Security funds is going bankrupt and thus we must cut and cut the amount of money received by seniors.

1. The Social Security fund has $2 Trillion which would cover costs for the next twenty years.

2. At present, only the initial $106,000 is taxed. Thus someone tho earns $1 million pays at a rate of about one-half percent while someone who earns $106,000 pays at the rate of 6%. Hardly fair, is it?

3. Tax all earned money at the rate of 6% and the Social Security fund is solvent for a hundred years.

Oh, I forgot, it is against the laws of God to raise taxes on the wealthy. But, Jesus undoubtedly wants less money for senior citizens!!