No Solution In Sight In iraq

Abdel Rahman Hussein, writing in the Cairo Daily News commented: “As the fifth anniversary of the Iraq invasion draws upon us, the war torn country is still bogged down with no solution in sight. What was sold as a swift victory would be the basis of the democratization of the region can now be seen as the heart of the region’s troubles.” Bush declared victory within weeks after the invasion was launched and promised the people of Iraq were now free from the tyranny of Saddam Hussein. “Whether it is or isn’t is for history to judge, but what is certain is that things did not go according to plan.” Professor Walid Kazziha of the American University in Cairo, pointed out: “Ironically, I think they misread the situation either because of the Iraqis informing them or due to the administration’s willingness to be misinformed in the rush to occupy Iraq.”

Abdel Hussein notes, “Proof of the quagmire is that on Tuesday a conference aimed to reconcile warring factons in Iraq descended into farce when it started because the Sunni representatives felt they were not properly invited. And the violence continues.”

Professor Kazziha points out ironic aspects of the American invasion. “As a result they have ended with the Iranians taking advantage of the situation and the Americans defeating their own purpose. They also reinforced the divisions of the country. Instead of going into Iraq with the perception of unifying it, Iraq became divided and the Americans are in the midst of all this and it is very difficult to change that after five years.

The concluding words of Professor Kazziha speak volumes about the success of the American invasion: “There isn’t much to be optimistic about.”