No Sound Of Music In Mali

Mali militants must sit around at night wondering what next to declare as dishonorable to the Prophet Mohammed. They are on a new kick against any form of music and are burnng guitars or pianos or wrecking drums or  shutting up anyone who dares to sing a son. Mali has always been known for its music and dancing and joy among people, who while poor, at least could sing and dance. But, Mali militants consulted the Koran and discovered proof the use of music in any form or  opening the mouth to sing a song was forbidden. I assume this means that no one around Mohammed ever sang a song or danced.

I inhabit the state of Missouri where at least one third of its inhabitants believe the world was created 9,000  years ago. It was only fifteen years ago that a small town in Missouri finally allowed its children to have a senior prom. I guess one from Missouri should not make fun of men  far away in Mali who would fit in perfectly to the average small town in Missouri. Perhaps, we could have an exchange program with Mali-we take a few of your anti-music nut cases and you take a few of our ignorant anti climate change, anti evolution folk. Each exchange person should  fit in pefectly to their new environment.