No Speak To Pak Leader!

There was a meeting held in the city of Chicago that included representatives from many nations in the world including the president of Pakistan. Barack Obama is rather angry at President Asif Ali Zardari because his nation has closed supply routes from Pakistan to Afghanistan. Zardari demands an apology for the accidental killing of 24 Pak soldiers by NATO forces. President Obama refuses to utter the apology because–(1) he does not believe US forces were responsible, (2) one more apology  to some rag head by an American president will infuriate right wing conservatives who believe the US is an”exceptional nation” that never makes a mistake.

Obama snubbed the Pakistan leader during the conference. He was particularly angry at  demands from Zardari  to raise the rate from $250 per truck to $5000 per truck. Obama simply could not truck such demands at a time when the US gives Pakistan  a few billion in aid.

The worse case scenario is that Zardari is forced from power and a more extreme person takes over. Then again, what or who is this “more extreme person?” Pakistan has become a failed nation. Perhaps, an apology is not the worst thing to  utter.