No Ties Says Goldman Sachs

A hurricane tore through New York City, home of Goldman Sachs which knows how to make money and when they lose it, they know how to get the government to pay for their mistakes. The men who run Goldman Sachs are very distinguished. They dress appropriately even when there is a hurricane. Heck if this was World War II and the Japanese just attacked Pearl Harbor they would meet dressed in suits and ties and have somber faces. But, there is only a hurricane in New York City so these gentle hearted men informed males in the company they could show up without a tie on Monday morning as long as they “exercised good judgment” in dress.

I am so pleased we still have leaders who dress in an appropriate manner. Heck, if you allow men to dress in jeans they certainly would not be dressed in an appropriate manner to secure a government handout. Dress well, have a nice tie, and the world will beat a path to your door and in their hands will be dollar bills every time you screw up the job.