No Time In Nueva Italia!

Few Americans realize that use of drugs like opium was legal in America until the early years of the twentieth century and thus the people of Mexico did not have to worry about their lives nor were they concerned about drug lords who brought death and destruction to villages. Believe it or not, drugs, in the good old days, were NOT an issue in the country of Mexico. Unfortunately, for Mexicans they, geographically, are close to the giant nation of the United States of America which after taking half of their land, decided to take away their lives by passing crazy drug laws that led to the rise of drug lords in Mexico. In the Mexican state of Michoacan, drug lords wander the streets without fear of anyone pestering them, and they certainly do not wind up in jail. The Knights of Templar rule the land and you either do as they say or may lose, not your job, but your head. Drug lords vie for power and people are caught in their cross-fire of violence.

In response to lack of action by the government of Mexico, bands of vigilantes have emerged to fight drug lords with violence to match their violence. The village of Neuva Italia is now in chaos as vigilantes fight with Knights of Templar and the Mexican army is nowhere to be seen. To make matters even worse, many local villagers adore the Knights of Templar and its leader. Heck, some times he even donates food to them. So gun matches gun, fires are common and people, as always, suffer.

How about Americans ending crazy drug laws and allowing the people of Mexico to enjoy some peace and quiet?