No To Abortion?

The act of abortion is among the oldest ideas in human history. It was known and practiced in the time of Jesus Christ and continued to be part of the culture of most societies. Abortion stemmed from social issues as well as economic when food supplies became limited. Ireland does not allow an abortion under any conditions even when the act of having a baby might result in death of the mother. Finally, The Protection of Life During Pregnancy Bill was brought up for a vote in the Irish parliament. It resulted from the death of Avita Halappanavar who died due to refusal of  doctors in a hospital to abort the foetus and allow her to live. Her husband was told that termination was not allowed because “Ireland is a Catholic country.:

Debate on the bill has torn apart political parties since many members of parliament are violently opposed to any form of abortion even if refusing would result in death of the mother. There is a clause in the bill which allows the mother  to seek an abortion on grounds that if not given she would commit suicide. The European Court of Human Rights argues that Ireland violates EU laws which allow certain conditions for an abortion such as a woman who will die if not granted one.