No To Abortion!

Northern Ireland is confronting the prospect that women will be able to obtain information regarding sexual issue and even secure an  abortion. The clinic, operated by  Marie Stopes International, will offer sexual and mental health and family planning services as well as treatment with non-surgical abortion and follow-up counseling. Hundreds of concerned citizens protested as this violation of their rights including dozens of men. There are reports that members of Protestant and Catholic churches in Northern Ireland sang humans and prayed for guidance from the guy up in the sky.

At least, the good news is thatProtestants and Catholics are finally cooperating on some issue. I realize the horror of being able to visit a health center and obtain information concerning the human body. Gee, imagine providing information to sexually transmitted diseases! What next, handing out condoms?Reality– women in Northern Ireland will do something if they become pregnant and do not want the child. Isn’t it better they work with trained medical professionals?