No To Norquist!

One of the enduring economic myths of the Republican party is that any tax increase will destroy the economy and reduce this nation to poverty. Most Republican Congressmen have signed the notorious Grover Norquist Pledge in which they promise never to vote for a tax increase. Conservative Republican Senator Saxby Chambliss finally has run out of patience with the nonsensical economic ideas of Norquist. He has decided to vote for tax increases as part of a compromise economic plan to deal with the nation’s debt. “Grover Norquist has no plan to pay this debt down. His plan says you continue to add to the debt. I care more about the country than I do about a twenty year old pledge.”

Finally, finally, Republicans recognizing to pay debts one needs MORE, not less money. Republicans insist the income tax is part of some sort of Socialist idea that came from Europe. The initial income tax was passed in August, 1861 by that noted Socialist, Abraham Lincoln!! He need additional revenue to fight and win a war.