No To Obama On West Bank!

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is headed for the United States to discuss Middle Eastern issues with Obama, but there is not much hope anything positive will emanate from the discussions. Daniel Hirschkowtiz, head of Habayit Hayehudi, claimed he had been assured by Netanyahu that current policies will remain in place. “I can say confidently that I don’t think he will freeze natural growth in the settlements.” He expected some compromise that allows “natural growth” while pretending there is no expansion of west bank settlements.

Naturally, according to Herschkowitz, the president of the United States is pursuing policies that “are borderline anti-semitic.” Naturally, like all those in Israel who oppose an independent Palestine, the problem is never Israel, it is because “there is no partner” from the Arab side which desires peace. The only path to peace depends on trust and a willingness to deal with the present, and not inhabit the past.