NO To Toujours L’Amour!

Every so often something  happens in the world that causes me to step back and wonder how it is  possible that certain attitudes are present among humans. I was raised that Paris was the center of liberal ideas concerning human love. As a young man, I dreamed of walking along the Seine holding hands with someone with whom I shared love. I assumed that when it came to love,  Paris was the place to go. Alas, I was mistaken. The French Parliament made gay and lesbian love legal and gave such couples the right to marry. Naturally, I thought this would be welcomed by all loving French people. In March, over 300,000 anti gay folk  marched  in Paris against such an idea.  This weekend at least 150,000 marched against love in Paris, the center of love.

Ironically, down in Cannes judges awarded the Palm d’or to “Blue Is The
Warmest Color: The Life of Adele.” The film is about lesbian love. I guess “toujours l’amour has moved south.