“No To US Bases In Czech Republic” Protest

Hundreds of people gathered in Mala Strana in Prague to protest against a US radar base which is going to be built on Czech soil as part of the American anti-missile project in eastern Europe. They marched through the strets in Prague and went to the American embassy where they attempted to hand officials a box of toy guns labeled: “Iranian weapons of mass destruction.” A spokesperson for protestors said: “We wanted to show that we won’t give up, that we want to get the remaining one-third of the public on our side,” referring to the fact that two-thirds of the Czech public opposes construction of the bases.

The construction by the United States in Europe of anti-missile bases supposedly directed against potential weapons of mass destruction from Iran– or North Korea– makes no sense. If this is actually a threat to the people of Europe, the European Union is the logical group which should be building such facilities. Why is the United States engaged in such activities? Lost in the American desire for anti-missile bases in Europe is the question of why would Iran seek to fire missiles at Europe knowing full well their nation would be pounded by the forces of many nations? Why would Iran seek to initiate a war with Europe in the first place? Could someone in the Bush administration answer that question?