No Torture–Terrorists Caught?

According to fox News haters of democracy, the only way to save the city or to save the nation from the bomb ticking in a subway is to torture someone into revealing the place of explosion so the 24 crew can rush to the scene and prevent mayhem. However, in real life, solid police work has prevented a group committed to al-Qaeda from pursuing a plan to assassinate a Swedish cartoonist who committed the horrible sin of portraying the Prophet Mohammed with the body of a dog. Of course, Muslim newspapers an publications constantly portray Jews in despicable ways, but, then again, if you portray non-Muslims in a grotesque fashion, you are simply carrying out the mandate of God.

The bottom line is the seven Muslims were captured without resorting to torture or any form of physical abuse. It simply required good old fashioned police work, cooperation from security agencies throughout the world and a dose of common sense.