No Truancy For Pupils-How About For Politicians?

The Swedish Minister of Education is concerned about the growing rate of truancy among students and wants new legislation that would include a student’s truancy record as part of their grade report. According to Jan Bjorklund, “it’s not acceptable for adults to go and come as they please in the workplace and the same should apply to pupils at school. Pupils should be present at classes.” Fair enough. But, if students should be compelled to attend school, shouldn’t the same requirement be made of members of the United States Congress as well as all who serve in the legislature of executive departments of nations? We continually hear complaints about students being unable to achieve high test scores. We propose that every member of a legislature be compelled to take a final examination that deals with legislation they voted on during the prior year.

Imagine if former President Bush and Vice President Cheney had to pass a test on the Muslim religion prior to ordering the invasion of Iraq? Imagine if they had to pass a test on the Constitution and the historic record of freedom of speech and the right to due process procedures when charged with crimes? I am, “just supposing.”