No Voter Town

There are reports that God created the world and then created men and women. But, few really grasp that in creating two sexes, God never  meant that each would have the same rights as the other. There is a town in Pakistan that is named, Mateela, it is a remote village and it is ruled by remote ideas. It is one of 564 polling stations from among the 64,000 in which not a single woman has ever cast a ballot. Men decide, and men have decided that women are not capable of being able to vote. The evidence of this wise decision is clear, just check the Gross National Product of Pakistan, check its record of peace and prosperity and  the only conclusion one can arrive at is-don’t let women vote if you seek peace and prosperity for your nation.

Yar Mohammed, a village elder insists the decision to prevent women from voting is a public health one. “We stop our women from going to polling stations because we think if they do, men would tease them by staring or  touching them.”

I wonder if it is OK for a man to touch a man?