No War Blow To War

There are unconfirmed reports from the Syrian battle front that news of a possible Russian-American deal to end use of chemical weapons in Syria has struck a solid blow against rebel forces engaged in fighting against the Syrian government. General Salim believes news about ending fighting has dealt the cause of ending the rule of President Assad a death blow. After all, if there is no war,then gaining access to thousands of weapons and obtaining the necessary goods for killing will result in fewer battles, fewer weapons destroyed and fewer contracts to engage in war. Yes, General Salim, if the war ended tomorrow, then thousands of nice young men would lack anything to do in evenings. Imagine being forced to spend the day in the company of some woman! Whatever happened to those days and nights fighting, burning own buildings and cavorting in the day with gorgeous gals and shooting down bad people.

It is dangerous to the health and life of a normal male who is denied the right to shoot people down. A man gains his sexual drive by driving down bad people. If there was no one to kill, how does a healthy male spend his days??