No War In Iran, Says Obama

Since becoming president of the United States, Barack Obama has made mistakes which all new leaders make during the process of gaining understanding of  dealing with complex issues. He made clear in a recent interview that Iran will not be able to secure an atomic bomb. Obama has come under severe criticism from those who accept the Israel party line that only war will end an Iranian nuclear threat. The president understands that at a time when Iran has lost support among Muslims for its aid to the tyrannical Syrian government the worst thing to do is to attack them. He doesn’t want to shift feeling for Iran from dislike to making them become “a victim.”

In his disagreement with Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu, Obama wants to engage in diplomacy, not rhetoric. “I also don’t go around as a matter of sound policy advertising exactly what our intentions are. Both governments(Israel and US) recognize that when the United States says it is unacceptable for Iran to have a nuclear weapon, wee mean what we say. I don’t bluff.”

Obama has become a foreign policy leader.