No Water At the Inn

The tale of Jesus Christ contains reference to his family arriving at an inn where they were provided a place to sleep and even a drink of water. Thank God Jesus was not born in the state of Alabama which only provides food, shelter and water to those who have a driver’s license or a proof they were born in the good old USA. A new law, HB56 ensures that no person lacking necessary papers will be provided access to water in his home. It also allows the police to halt anyone on grounds of “suspicion” since the people of Alabama do not want any furriners taking a sip of their pure, Christian water.

The law prevents business transactions between those lacking papers with those who have the right papers. Thousands of undocumented children already have fled schools and their parents are fleeing the good state of Alabama. Gee, as I recall, the good people of Alabama rebelled against the government of the United States and conducted a war. I think we need a new Federal law which prevents business transactions between those whose ancestors were traitors and the rest of we good Americans.

OK, we will allow the traitors a drink of water!