No Weapons Found On Flotilla Ships!

Once upon a time the state of Israel was led by intelligent life forms who adhered to a firm commitment for human rights. Unfortunately, the people of Israel have turned leadership of their nation over to a group of clowns and double-speaking fools who are only expert in making their nation disliked in the world. Colonel Moshe Levi of the IDF in Gaza proudly proclaimed to the world after inspecting materials on the ships, “I can say with great assurance that none of the equipment on board(the flotilla ships)is needed in Gaza. This proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that the whole purpose of the voyage was for propaganda and for provocation and not for humanitarian purposes.” Major David Elmallach, who inspected the material, said there was no trace of any weapons, guns, rockets, or explosives which should prove beyond a shadow of a doubt the flotilla was bringing humanitarian material and not weapons of war. The IDF showed examples of the materials which included medical supplies, wheelchairs, stretchers, boxes of medicines and crates of dry food products and children’s toys. The only thing that disturbed IDF officers was a few sacks of cement for building.

The essential premise of the flotilla to bring in humanitarian supplies is now proven by the IDF to be true. Frankly, it is not up to the IDF to decide if people in Gaza have sufficient children’s toys or medicine, that is for inhabitants to decide. What if Israel had welcomed the flotilla with banners and a band? What if the IDF had organized an inspection process and then allowed the material to be distributed? If Israel had used an ounce of intelligence their nation would have gained enormous international support for being a humane society. Instead they met the arrival of toys with weapons of war. Violence began when Israel commandos boarded ships lying in international waters. That was an illegal action. And, for what? To prevent the arrival of toys and medicine!!!!