No Welcome Mat For Western “Enemies” In Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe’s Minister of Justice, Patrick Chinamasa, made it clear his government would not allow international observers to monitor the run-off election. He said the ruling Zanu-PF party would not succumb to outside pressure from either the opposition or other nations of the world, but would defend their right to control an election. “We will not allow them(Western countries) becasue they are players. We will think favorably of them if they lift sanctions. Until they do that, there is no basis to have any realtionship with them.”

The “Justice” Minister blasted opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai because he “seeks to introduce new rules in a game that has already started. He should stop playing or acting like a spoilt child.” Since Chnamasa was on a role attacking anyone who will not sanction President Mugabe’s ruthless campaign to maintain power, he also blasted Zambian President Levy Mwanawasa for failing to denouce sanctions against Zimbabwe. He also blamed Great Britain was funding the Movement for Democratic Change which he regarded as an illegal action.

There is little doubt this time around, Mugabe is going to completely control the electoral process to ensure there is no more need for any run-offs. The only question is exactly by what percentage does he want to come out the winner in the run-off.