No Western Style Elections In China

The Chinese government is proud their country is not going the way of decadent old-fashioned western democracy in which people are given the appearance, but never the substance of real democracy. In order to protect the right of Chinese people to vote correctly. If the American process of electing was in practice then only wealthy oligarchs would be heading the government unlike China which ensures that only members of the Communist party gain entry into the legislature or executive branches of government. As Li Fei notes, “Western-style elections, however, are a game for the rich.”

In one sense the Chinese approach is correct, remove money as THE factor in who gets elected. Unfortunately, in China, power and membership in the tight clique of those who wield power is a pre-requisite for getting elected to any important office. Of course, it would be interesting to have access to the financial resources of Communist party leaders and that of their children. What would we learn concerning the power of money?