No Wine For Masses Proclaim Imams

The Islamic world has long been noted for its cultivation of vineyards which product some of the best wine in the area. Today, wines from Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco and other Muslim nations are sold and produce extensive revenue for governments as well as jobs. However, Morocco’s conservative Islamists are fighting hard to curb the sale of wines and impose stringent laws against the use of alcohol by Muslims. Of course, wines are sold in just about every Moroccan supermarket although in sections set off from other products. As one supermarket manager commented; “Morocco is a free country, and everyone can buy what they want.” Many Moroccans drink wine with their meals although efforts are made to disguise what is being drunk.

The Phoenicians planted vineyards 2,500 years ago in Morocco and the Romans also brought their wines to the area. However, Mohammed Raouandi of Morocco’s High Council of Ulemas, “If a Muslim drinks, the government can punish him, and afterwards he will be punished by God.” Gee, Jews who predate the Muslims by thousands of years were drinking wine because God wanted them to drink, but, I guess God changed his mind a few years ago. How did the Imams get the word concerning God’s new views?