No WMD In Iraq Claims UN Leader

Hans Blix, former head of UN weapons inspectors, told the Chilcot inquiry American and British leaders should have paid more attention to what they were being told concerning the alleged presence of WMD in Iraq. He admitted telling former prime minister Tony Blair in 2002 that Saddam might have secret weapons, but after UN inspectors went into Iraq and were unable to find any trace of those alleged weapons, Bush and Blair should have held off on invading Iraq in order to find WMD. “When we reported that we did not find any weapons of mass destruction they should have realized, I think, both in London and in Washington, that their sources were poor.” He even pointed out to Blair, “wouldn’t it be paradoxical if you were to invade Iraq with 250,00 men and find very little? I gave a warning that things there had changed and there might not be so much.” He pointed out UN inspectors visited 30 sites based on tips from American and British intelligence, but never found any WMD.

Blix charged the Bush administration was high on use of the military and “they felt they could get away with it and therefore it was desirable.” In other words, Bush lied to the American people, Blair lied to the British people, and over 4,000 Americans and British soldiers died because of these lies. Of course, those who lied will not be punished. In fact, they will be hailed as heroes by Fox News.