Nobel Laureate Urge Israel UN Suspension

NobelPeace Prize laureate Mairead Maguire urged that Israel should be suspended from the UN for failure to adhere to UN resolutions over the past few years. She is concerned about the Gaza blockade which prevents free flow of supplies into the closed area. She believes it is time to take action against Israel. It is always fascinating how so many well meaning people can examine the world and come to the conclusion the only nation which fails to act correctly is the state of Israel. One can only wonder why Ms. Maguire is not also urging the following nations should be suspended:

Sudan for killing over 200,000 people in Darfur as well as the rape of thousands of women.
Congo where over 5,000,000 have died in the past few years.
Zimbabwe where President Robert Mugabe has killed dozens and threatens to leave millions on the verge of starvation.
China which oppresses minorities such as the Tibetans.
Myanmar which makes Israel come across as the model of decency.
Iraq which has forced hundreds of thousands of Christians to flee for their lives.
Brazil which allows the brutalization of its native people.
Somalia which is the scene of ongoing terror.
Ethiopia which has created havoc in Somalia.
shall we go on and on?

Israel has committed violations of the rights of Palestinians, but at least it is trying to figure out solutions. Hamas does not have clean hands regarding its performance in Gaza.