Nobel Peace Winners For 2014??

We formally propose to those in charge of deciding who receives a Nobel Prize for supporting the basic tenets of freedom that it consider awarding this to the women in Russia who came up with the nutty idea of the Pussy Riot group and dared to sing a song in a cathedral. Now that all are out of prison due to the “kindness” of Russia’s number one criminal-Vladimir Putin– it is time to demonstrate to the world that Putin is the Number One opponent of democracy in the world. What better way than to award the prize to the three women? Oh, Vladimir did give amnesty to Maria Alyuokhina and Nazdezhda Tolokonnikova and the good news is that both women will not shut up denouncing this two bit petty dictator in charge of Russia. The Russian people simply are asleep and what now is required is awarding the prize to the women.

Vladimir will not even allow films to be shown about this incident in Russian history. Maxim Pozdorovkin and Mike Lerner were attempting to show a film they made about the Pussy Riot group when informed no such films are allowed in any theater which receives financial support from the government. They were told the role of art “is to save the world, make it better, not to inflame th e public with scandalous stories.”

Putin fears the public learning about his power grabs, what better way to make him angry then by awarding the Nobel peace prize to the women!!