Nobody Asked Me But

We offer the thoughts of an 80 year old man who has a twenty year old mind commenting on the human condition.


When the man leans back and the woman is at a computer it is boss and assistant.

Aa new book discussed the 1930s novel by James Farrell, “Studs Lonnigan.” The reviewer was profound, but in the thirties we read the book for its “dirty passages” and the hell with being profound!

A snow “storm” was predicted in St.Louis of two inches. I am in the Midwest, nor Minnesota, that’s for sure.

Obama increasingly reminds me of the smartest kid in the class who blames other factors rather than his own dumb decisions. After all, he WAS the smartest kid at Harvard!

Sarah Palin writes crib notes on her palm. Unfortunately, they never make it to her brain.

I feel clueless in Gaza– the song Israelis should sing?

When I am dictator, anyone taking more than five minutes to order will be shot at high noon.

I do not take well when the regular person at the cash register is not there.

A mother sharing a salad with a young child deserves a place in heaven.

I never trust any man or woman who wears a large ring.

These days God’s work is not uplifting.

Children rock in when sitting, but in school they must sit rigidly.

People put on their left before their right sleeve. Check it out.

Older woman when encountering a friend sit down before taking off their coats.

In Pizza Hut, men and women’s bathrooms are the same so why not Unisex bathrooms?

Cutting a birthday cake is a lost art.

Mom leads teenage boys when they depart.

If a young girl takes out a napkin, and gently rubs something from the boy’s face, she is serious about him.

Why doesn’t anyone say, “Happy Funeral” if they believe in heaven?

JFK always had people close to him who were from the streets of Boston to keep him in touch with reality.