We offer comments on the human condition by a 25 year old brain trapped in a 79 year old body.


There are many dogs in my apartment complex and often it is difficult figuring out who is walking who.

There ought to be a law requiring geese to clean up behind them.

I drink from a bottle, Bronx style. A germ is a germ, not a disease.

Portrzeboski was on her tee shirt. Irish she is not on St. Patty’s day.

There is no virtue in losing. It just means someone is better than you, unfortunately.

If a person listens while their head is in their palm it means they are paying attention.

I enjoy rising from my table in a crowded coffee shop just as a family seeks a booth to sit in. I feel so virtuous.

If ignorance was a virtue, Glenn Beck would be a saint.

If there truly is a “just God,” then surely in Heaven, the New York Knicks win the Universal Basketball Association championship at least once every ten years.

It is years since I heard the expression, “douche bag.”

Some open the door slowly as though they anticipate Freddie Kruger awaits inside, and others fling it open and dare the world.

I never discuss my car. I drive the damn thing, not love it.

I am a middle child. I accept what is.

All tiny blond haired boys look cute.

A man and a woman speaking softly are, by definition, engaged in a serious conversation.