We regularly offer comments on the human condition by a twenty year old mind trapped in the body of a 79 year old man.


Dad holds baby in right arm, mom leads young child with left. A perfect political balance.

I hate people who walk their dog close to you and then jerk on the lash as you cringe.

I immediately dislike a sour faced person.

Sarah Palin is to nuclear issues as I am to fixing cars.

An athletic mom and dad more often than not spawn physically healthy children.

Americans prefer economic insecurity to shared security because of a belief each has the chance to win the lottery.

I write these words to avoid Alzheimers.

I love the sound of a siren. It conveys excitement and danger.

I have never seen a group of women in which at least one had long hair. Have you?

Even as a child I never placed my chin on arms as I talked.

In the Depression, millions were hired to rebuilt our infrastructure, in 2010, they fire millions so we cannot.

One could never go broke betting on the economic ignorance of American governors.

One man talks on the cell phone, the other fiddles with a stick. Modern friends out for a luncheon get together.

I have never seen a group of humans who simultaneously rise from the table as one.

I would never sue over coffee being hot. I want hot coffee!

At a point in life we cease carrying around the child’s faith in life and happiness and replace it with adult seriousness.

My favorite line in a song is John Denver’s “sunshine on my shoulder.” What could be more perfect than that experience.