We off the musings on the human condition of a twenty year old mind trapped in a 79 year old body.


FOX News has become the unofficial arm of the Republican Party or the Republican Party has become the unofficial arm of FOX News.

After listening to Tea Party rants about “too many taxes” I wonder what the “right figure on taxes” would be.

l have no luck in gambling. I wonder why.

These days I feel I am the odd man out at a table.

If your luncheon companion leaves, you have the right to sit with whom you please.

How does one tell mom that her baby is not cute?

People who wipe off the table with a dry rag move dirt from one place to another.

I never know if I should help someone in a wheel chair or do they view the offer as an insult?

It is rare to see two people at a table simultaneously writing.

Dad holds baby in right arm while mom leads other child with her left.

A couple that wears caps together places a cap on their relationship.

l hate people who walk their dogs and make you head for the gutter.

For the first time in my life, I live in America which lacks a sense of community about its fate as a nation.

My two obsessions are weight and Death.

I am physically unable to cradle the phone in my shoulder while talking.

An athletic mom and dad are more often than not to spawn lean children.