We offer observations on the human condition from a twenty year old mind trapped in a 79 year old body.


Some babies resist mom and dad, a clue to the future?

The Oklahoma legislature wants pregnant women to undergo an ultra sound while listening to a lecture against abortion. I propose shoving something up the asses of members of the legislature while they listen to an historian discuss the US Constitution.

An Army colonel refused deployment orders to Iraq until the president of the United States produced his birth certificate proving he is American born. Some day I will get to live on a planet with intelligent life forms.

Dad holds the baby, mom leads the child. A family in movement.

Every time I purchase a lottery ticket I am convinced I will win. Each week I feel cheated by God. What exactly does he have against nice Jewish boys from the Bronx?

There is a sense of peace on a cloudy day as the storm drifts in from the west.

Baseball allows me to dwell in the land of statistics.

Dad sits with daughter, mom with grandma with granddaughter.

I am not a man whose hands work with dirt. I am city born.

I have to repeatedly remind myself that paraonoia is the most common theme in American history.

The sound of joy is all too often–silence.

A baby with a smiling face talked to me without speaking.

Three police cars with flashing lights, a car pulled over. Another mystery in my life.

I never recall today what I wrote yesterday.

Single people seeking to make out should wander with a dog or baby.

The Diabetes people called again. How did I get on this list is the question.