We offer the rambling thoughts of a twenty year old mind trapped in a 79 year old body.

The moment I ceased dreaming of things unknown will be the day I become an old man.

A man asked a little boy his age. If the boy was in Arizona and had dark skin, he would have been asked to produce a birth certificate.

A mystery of life is how anyone with an iota of brains can visualize Sarah Palin as president of the United States.

Most heavy set men who eat breakfast alone come across as devouring food.

She talks on the cell phone. He gazes into space. A modern couple at lunch.

Hate is a message from our hearts, not our minds.

I saw a leaf sticking up from the sidewalk. Such courage from such a fragile piece of life.

Once upon a time I was physically young, today I am mentally young at age, 79.

The concept of Horror is known only to humans.

A man told me, “I am into computers.” Aren’t we all?

I have drunk a glass of milk virtually every day of my life. Is that why I am alive?

The seed of love is difficult to plant and nourish to blossom.

Death is the last mystery of life.

In my youth I ran fast and never paused to see what I had run by.

A soda with a bagel in the morning should be punished by hanging at noon.

There should be a Heaven for beautiful human thoughts.

I feel sad encountering men and women who are either intellectually or emotionally dead.