We offer observations on the human condition by a twenty year old mind trapped in a 79 year old body.

Death is the only mystery more mysterious than life.

Some step outside to talk on cell phone, others share with the world.

A mother was holding a child by the hand, pushing a carriage and talking on her cell phone. Modern mom in action.

To be alone is not to be lonely unless one does not enjoy one’s own company.

There is no greater sense of momentary power than a bat boy holding a foul ball and deciding who gets it.

I saw a man carrying a baby instead of a package for a woman. Modern gallantry?

Studying history for modern youth was the equivalent for my generation of being given castor oil.

The past sleeps in our minds awaiting a signal to awaken.

A woman running in shorts is the antithesis of sexual allure.

I decided to risk take this morning. I selected Splendor instead of Equal for my coffee.

Big butt people should not wear low cut shorts.

Orange shirts stand out more than any other color in the summer.

I simply MUST gaze at a big breasted woman.

God takes a vacation, why can’t I?

The ultimate power for each person is deciding to be who one wants to be.

Some woman push up their jaw to signal agreement.

I do not think purple finger nails go with beautiful blue eyes.

Johnny Cash was the last singer who understood the lives of Americans and could sing about them.

If one is waiting for a take-out order there is no requirement to hold open doors for those leaving with packages.