We publish observations on the human condition as seen by a twenty year old mind trapped in a eighty year old body.


Ignorance is the stepping stone to Knowledge.

Americans in this recession struggle between desires and reality.

At my doctor’s office they now require Photo ID. Naturally, I asked my doctor for his Photo ID.

Some wait until coffee cools, I am of Middle Eastern heritage and want it hot, hot.

To an Israeli these days, posing a question is an expression of anti-Semitism.

Guilt is God’s gift to fostering morality.

Some saunter into a store, I walk in.

Shyness is either politeness or fear. I am polite.

I often wonder exactly what Professor Obama taught in his classes on Constitutional Law when he supports wire tapping, denial of rights to prisoners, etc..

Fate awaits those lacking alternatives.

If mom says, “try,” a child will.

At age, 79, I never think about roads not traveled. My only concern is completing the present road I travel.

The most difficult aspect of being downsized is loss of one’s identity gained at work.

Anger that lasts more than 24 hours hurts the person who is angry, not their object of anger.

I rarely cut my food into tiny bites. I have a big mouth in more ways than one.

People playing with their technology, often take a big sigh before beginning.

Children love to point.

I received a card offering a loan interest car loan. I declined. I am currently paying off a low interest car loan.

Technology enables people to smile when all alone.

I dislike people who take the sport section of USA TODAY and leave the rest. The sport section is the only interesting aspect of this newspaper.

At the pool there was a husband and wife sitting in lawn chairs. Her big boobs hung down. His big boobs hung down even lower.

Girls with slim bodies and nice boobs love summer time.

I wonder how many homeless people receive invitations on their cell phones seeking aid for the homeless.