We offer observations on the human condition from a 20 year old mind trapped in an 80 year old body.


I woman wore jeans and over it had a skirt. I assume the skirt is to protect the jeans.

I dislike being told the coupon is only good until 11:00 a.m. It is a coupon to get customers, who cares when it is used!

The baseball player, Wee Willie Keeler, offered sound advice when he said: “hit em where they ain’t.”

Hate is the refugee of a damaged soul.

Few NBA basketball players come across as men with class. More like adolescent boys at a beer party.

People wonder if there is a God. I wonder who or what created God.

There is no more joyous sound than children squealing with delight being read to at a library.

We all too often see with eyes of the past.

A dream deferred is tomorrow’s lost opportunity.

People who are always on guard get punched in the belly.

I rarely see toothpicks these days in restaurants.

Americans desire a clean environment, better roads, improved broadband, and decent medical care–all delivered, courtesy of the tooth fairy.

The issue is not who throws the first stone, but does it hit the right person.

When I see an attractive woman sitting alone, there is a moment of expectation until the guy sits down next to her.

One man’s “impractical” is another’s invention.

We can only grasp the meaning of “sacrifice” by “sacrificing.”

When I was ten, I dreamed of sitting at home and watching movies, today, that dream has been achieved.

Few humans can see themselves as they are, they prefer as they wish to be seen.

I miss the card catalog in libraries. I enjoy touching.

My toe hurts, damn Obama.